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Dawn Smith - Editor

AKU Ultralight GTX-W currently on test

Ardblair Sports kindly leant us a pair of Women’s AKU Ultralight GTX and we have had them on test this winter. The boots have been subjected

AKU Ultralight GTX - W on Test

to the best, or the worst, depending on your point of view of what the weather in the Mountains of North Wales has to offer. Rain, sleet, snow, mud, slush and manure. Manure, why? Well a walk into the hills in Snowdonia and a lot of other rural places,often starts from a farm yard, traverses one, or you must cross one somewhere and they are always muddy and yucky, with poop, so we make sure all the boots we test have to pass the muck test and keep the testers feet warm and dry! Look out for this review and reviews on stoves, packs and outdoors clothing in the coming new Trail Testers online.

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Trail Testers is an independent outdoors review site published by Buffalo Media and with offices located in the Snowdonia National Park. We are not influenced by or affiliated to any of the manufacturers whose products we test. We do not sell advertising and therefore are not influenced by decisions that might relate to loss of advertising revenue. We test all the products out on the hill and report our findings, warts and all!

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